Greg Ioannou, President

This whole Colborne thing was Greg's idea. He's been writing and editing since 1977. He's edited more than 2000 books, and written everything from board games to annual reports. When he's not busy running the show, he likes to walk around the office in bare feet, sipping coffee and admiring his collection of stuffed mooses. Outside of the office, he captains a team in a weekly trivia league and has been known to frequent local pubs and stamp auctions. He was the very first member of the Editors' Association of Canada and has been on EAC's executive for longer than some of the other Colborners have been alive. He's loquacious ["full of loquats"], pugnacious ["resembling a pug"], and ornery ["Greg-like"].

Meghan Behse, Vice President

Meghan began her employment at Colborne in 2010 like so many others before her: as an intern. She later became an editor, but her inability to keep her fingers out of every cookie jar quickly turned her into the office Jill-of-All-Trades, later retitled to Vice President. She happily fills each workday managing various projects and coordinating clients, editors, and designers, in addition to dabbling in editing and design herself. Meghan has an MA in English literature from the University of Toronto and she studied publishing at Ryerson. She is the loving owner of a crazy mutt named Boss, who enjoys the occasional bring-your-dog-to-work day when Greg is working at home. (There can be only one Boss in the office at a time...)

Kathryn Willms, Editor

Originally from Surrey, BC (and, no, she doesn't consider being called a Surrey girl an insult), she has been hopping east through the provinces ever since. She completed a BA (Honours) and MA from the University of Calgary. Her next stop was Saskatoon where she worked as a sports reporter, covering 47 sports in her first year (lawn bowling, broomball, gymnastics, car racing, rodeo...). Finally, she landed in Toronto, where she threw on a pair of heels and managed teams in Toronto and Montreal for Manulife Investments as a Team Lead of Sales Support, specializing in compliance and co-operative marketing. But even becoming fluent in corporate-speak could not dim her love of language. She kept her dream of editing for a living alive by taking publishing courses at Ryerson and finally took the plunge and joined the kick-ass team at Iguana Books. She likes ultimate frisbee, fresh salsa, and dimly lit bars.