Everyone needs a safety net.
In the publishing world, we rely on proofreaders.

Proofreaders are the last editors to check a book, report, poster, or web article before it goes to the printer, is bound and sent to upper management, is plastered up in a subway station, or goes live on the Internet.

Proofreaders get their job title from the "proofs" they work with, which look much like the pages that will eventually be printed or posted. They are there to assist designers and to look for problems that may have slipped past everyone else in the publishing process.

Colborne’s proofreaders are trained in the following:

  • Comparing page proofs to a manuscript
  • Scrutinizing design and layout
    • image quality and placement
    • running headers and footers
    • head levels
    • word breaks
    • widows and orphans
    • tracking
    • borders
    • bleed, and so on...
  • Incorporating authors' changes
  • Checking for typographic errors