Having trouble getting published?

So you're trying to find an agent or publisher for a book manuscript, but they keep turning it down? Want to find out why? Have a professional editor evaluate your manuscript.

Is our manuscript evaluation service for you?

This service is useful for authors who have written a book-length manuscript and have sent it to agents and publishers, only to receive generic rejections with no explanations. Manuscript evaluations are also useful for writers who want to self-publish and are trying to make the book as professional as possible without racking up huge costs.

How does an evaluation work?

The evaluation identifies problems in the manuscript and suggests ways to address them. We don't change them for you — but we can, if you hire us to rewrite or structurally edit your manuscript. We look closely at the structure and the execution of ideas in your work, whether it is fiction or non-fiction, and prepare a frank outline of what is working and what isn't. We point out changes that will make the manuscript more publishable. Many of us are writers ourselves, so we have a "no harshness" policy.

As needed, the evaluation can

  • assess the content and organization of the manuscript, commenting in depth on such factors as characterization, dialogue, setting, plot, structure, subject relevance, and believability;
  • evaluate the writing, including technique and style, clarity, voice, tone, reading level, and audience appropriateness; and
  • provide detailed comments on the marketability of the manuscript, and suggests ways to make it more marketable.

What does it cost?

The basic fee for a manuscript of up to 100,000 words is $1,200. For manuscripts over 100,000 words, the fee is $1,200 for the first 100,000 words plus $7 for each additional thousand words.

Cool, great. What do I do?

Email the manuscript to telling us what you need. We'll get back to you with information on schedule, payment, and everything else you need to know.